Optimization has become an inherent part of many of our lives. Starting from the formulation of the problem, choosing a suitable optimization method, and analyzing the obtained results many different choices and design decisions can be pursued. Nowadays, such optimization is process is automated and implemented by using the programming language. Python has become the programming language of choice for research and industry projects related to data science, machine learning, and deep learning. Moreover, it is also favored by many researchers focusing on optimization itself. Python became so popular because many frameworks that can significantly speed up the development process already exist and are steadily maintained. Undoubtedly, a framework with proper documentation is an excellent starting point for people curious about optimization; however, it does not build a link between researchers, developers, and users. Connecting all these groups is the key to, on the one hand, see the need for what tools and functions are desired and also to stay connected and to make use of synergy effects. We all come together to do something even greater!


For optimization in Python this shall be anyoptimization. A community and platform for researchers, users, and developers to come together and create tools and software to advance the research field. Some topics of interest:

  • Optimization

  • Multi-objective optimization

  • Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Multi-criteria Decision Making

  • Multi-modal optimization

  • Large-scale Optimization

  • Algorithm Customization

  • Benchmarking

  • and many moreā€¦

Besides pure optimization related topics other important skills and areas to be connected in:

  • Open-Source Project Manangement

  • Ticket Support

  • Testing

  • And anything related to provide high-quality software